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Details business cases


New Vegetable Oil

pro-Actuate leads an opportunity study for the introduction of organic castor oil. This project was sponsored by one of the largest oil companies and aimed to develop a new market for an existent vegetable oil. The study consisted of international desk research and a wide variety of interviews - from cosmetics to car industry, from traders to manufacturers - and concluded with four identified 'serious opportunity areas'.

New Dietary Products

pro-Actuate contributed to an early stage consumer evaluation research in Germany. This project - for a Swiss based food multinational and part of a global project for new dietary products - aimed to prioritise on four consumer needs platforms with each 20 product concepts. In two days we evaluated all opportunities with 100 consumers both qualitative and quantitative. The outcome did not only prioritise the winning concepts but also gave in-depth insight in the areas which needed further development.

Engaging in Long-term Sales Relations

For a privately owned American multinational pro-Actuate identified three sales opportunity areas and developed a five step project approach on how to seize the opportunities with a 'hardware leads software' model. pro-Actuate is now involved in the project development for bringing one of the identified opportunities to the market. This includes the development of a business plan, plans for the two products, a business partnership plan and a launch plan.

Insight Generation for Fabric Softeners

For a global player in fragrances and flavours pro-Actuate lead the concept development for their top household clients. One of the development processes involved insight generation research in Italy and Germany and included a newly developed methodology with a respondents creativity activity. Other concepts concerned communication concepts for a major fabric softener brand in Germany and The Netherlands and product concepts for ironing waters in Europe.

Brand Development Training

For a New-York base B-to-B company pro-Actuate developed an in-company training on brand development. The objective was to better service their FMCG clients with state-of-the-art knowledge on client's brand development to support an excellent fit to their ingredients development. The training included the latest views on branding, a guideline on new brand development with a full test for outperforming brands, and exercises with real-life and relevant industry examples.

Product Launch in the Crisps Market

Introduction of a new up-market snack in the highly competitive crisps market in The Netherlands. This project contained all pro-Actuate's seven innovation steps for concept development, recipe development and brand development. The product has recently been launched with high interests from trade.

Drama based Creative Session

For an industry leader in garment care products, pro-Actuate organised a creative session in Spain with their cross-market R&D and marketing staff. The session was based on drama techniques and included exercises lead by a RSC director. The methodology was particularly appreciated by the client because it is 'so close to appealing consumer communication' versus conventional brainstorm techniques.

Concept Screening for an Existing Production Facility

pro-Actuate managed a two day idea and concept screening session for an existing production line of a major chocolate manufacturer

Total Innovation Process Management

For one of their divisions of a major European diary firm, pro-Actuate is managing the total innovation process. After agreeing the step-by-step approach, pro-Actuate is now generating the customer and science insight. This first step includes a Product Pre-emptability Study and involves a face- to-face interview session with 12 of their main customers - all are European players in FMCG - and a quantitative input exercise with audience response technology. The first session will identify areas of interest and will be the base for the creative concept development phase.